Which Pen You Should Use For Different Business Purposes

Pens are one of the most primary instruments to express our views and emotions on paper or other mediums. In today’s commercial market, there is a flood of different varieties of pen kinds, including metal ballpoint pens, which are very specifically using in a particular field.

In ordinary parlance, we understand the term ‘pen’ in a very simplistic manner because of its everyday usage. Nevertheless, if you delve deeper to study about the diversity of metal ballpoint pens and various other types of pens using in different functions, you will definitely be awestruck!

Therefore, you may naturally have a question, which pen you should use for different business purposes. In this article, we will discuss with five very different kinds of modern pens, which have customized purposes and utility.

Space Pensthe-space-pen

Space pens are also known as “Zero Gravity Pens.” These pens are exclusively retailing by Fisher Space Pen Company. This pen is a specialized instrument which is filled with ink in a pressurized manner into a cartridge and can be used in space with zero gravity, under deep waters or on wet and greasy surfaces easily.

Paul. C. Fisher patented this pen for the first time in the year 1965. Space pens feature itself in two models. The first one is the most popular one, known as the “Astronaut Pen” and the second one is the “Bullet Pen” as it works on any surface and at any angle.

Counterfeit Banknote Detection Pen

The counterfeit banknote detection pen is a highly customized pen for checking the legitimacy of currencies. This pen is using to confirm the validity of notes in many countries, and the underlying techniques of the pens are similar to that of metal ballpoint pens.

This pen’s ink produces an iodine solution to the banknotes. If they are credible notes, which are made of cotton fibers and do not contain starch, the banknotes will turn yellow or remain colorless, when the pen is used to check the authenticity of the notes.

Technical Pens

Other than ballpoint pens, professionals are using technical pens. Technical Pens have unique features designed for engineers or architects and other professionals, who require precision in work. These pens are available in a wide variety of colors, flexible nibs and refillable ink tubes.

Calligraphic Pens

Calligraphy is a beautiful pictorial or visual representation of writing. It has been using since ancient times by calligraphy artists. The instruments used then were wooden quills.

In modern times, calligraphers use a variety of calligraphic nib pens, which can be a pointed, round or flat tip. The ink used for calligraphic pens are generally less thick and water based.

Digital Pensbyzero-studio-digital-pen-4

The digital pen is similar to a stylus. There are many kinds of digitals pens like active pens, camera pens, etc.  The basic concept used in a digital pen is that the content written on a specialized digital pad convert the script into digital data, which is then stored in the computer database forever. We cannot compare the physical features of a digital pen with any conventional or metal ballpoint pens because the technology used in a digital pen is entirely different.

 In addition, there are many more pens, which are using on special occasions. In some countries, title documents are preparing by using fountain pens with special inks. For document attestation, department heads use specialized fountain pens. Similarly, you can find pens that are using exclusively for putting signatures. It is interesting to note that all these specialized pens including metal ballpoint pens are using for a particular business purpose.