Zebra 301 Steel Series Fountain Pens

Zebra Pen Corporation, USA is owned by Zebra Co., Ltd., of Japan. They have their innovations in ink and offer various products ranging from mechanical pencils to highlighters, including pens.
Diverse types of ink like emulsion pens, gel pens, oil-based pens, check-safe pens are available. Fountain pens have been around for centuries but the fascination with them has definitely not waned among the people. Conversely, ballpoint pen is a new technology invented by the Japanese in the 20th century.
With ever evolving technology, the fountain pens have also undergone drastic changes in terms of appearance and technology.

This has a sophisticated look. It is sleek fountain pen, carefully constructed using the Japanese technology. It has an easy pull type of cap. The barrel of the pen is made of steel and as a whole, this pen looks very elegant. It has refillable cartridges and is available in black and blue colours. The pen is comfortable to hold and gives a pleasurable experience to write with it. It is perfect for everyday use and can be used for both writing and drawing. The silver steel nib is designed to write flawlessly. The recommended angle of writing is by default 45 degree, though this pen seems to write well even when writing in 360 degree.

A word of caution people, this is not equipped with a 360 degree nib and therefore, you are increasing the probability of damaging the nib if you keep writing using various angles. This fountain pen can be used to write with considerable speed and there are no blotches of ink on your paper. It handles your paper with care, and writes smoothly on the paper. It is an enriching experience to write with a zebra fountain pen.

Now, comparing the same with the Zebra ballpoint pens of the model F-301, we can see that the design of the body is more or less the same, with a few minor changes. The ballpoint pen is of the retractable type. The barrel is made of stainless steel. This pen is available in 4 colors, namely, black, blue, red and green. Easy to use, and is extremely user friendly. It comes in different standard point sizes like 0.7mm/1.0mm/1.6mm. This pen is designed for writing at very high speed and different angles. The ink flow remains the same in every case. The ink can be refilled using special F-cartridges. The ink is long lasting. The ink flow is continuous and the writing experience is smoother than that of the fountain pen. It is equipped with a handgrip specially designed to provide comfort for fingers for extensive writing.

The rates of the fountain pen and ballpoint pen are both very affordable and very competitive. The ball pen costs $2.85 per piece whereas the fountain pen is charged around $4. Both the pens are affordable, and very cheap. The refills are available for as low as $2 dollars for both the pens.
Personally, I would prefer a fountain pen over the ballpoint pen for the unique feel of writing with a fountain pen. More control over writing style and strokes is offered by the fountain pen which is more desirable.