Two Best Pens for Left-Handed Writers

Any left-handed individual will tell you that they get it rough when it comes to finding a good pen for their everyday writing since most of them are designed for right-handers. When they use ordinary pens, they find ink drying, smearing, and smoothness of the pen an issue. Here is the reason.

Typical, people pull their ball point pens towards the right in an easy, smooth motion. As they do so, ink flowing out of the nib is left untouched behind the writing hand. For left-handers, they spend most of their time with the nib of the pen pushing directly into the paper itself rather than facing away from the direction of travel. This prevents the free-flow of ink to the page and can force the paper to foul the writing tip. So the principle of easy, smooth motion does not favor them.

Therefore, the most important qualities in a pen for left-handed people is that the ink flows smoothly and dries as quickly as possible. This minimalizes smearing as the pen is pulled across the page and keeps the page and hands clean.

With that in mind, there are several pens on the market that are marketed as ‘ Fast Drying ink Pens for lefties.’ The two pens that turn out to be the best for left-handed writers are Fisher Space pen and Zebra Pen Sarasa gel pen.

1. Fisher Space pen

Fisher Space pen was designed for astronauts who were stranded in space to be able to use in zero gravity. One of the advantages of this pen is that its ink cartridge is pressurized downward to allow you write in any position anywhere. You can use it when trying to write facing upwards, downwards or underwater.

Whether you are pulling it or pushing it across the paper, you will still get a constant smooth flow of ink to the writing surface. It is a good pen for lefties who want to avoid the annoying task of constantly rubbing the ink off the ball when using ordinary pens.

Some of its key features include:

• Writes in any condition (upward, downward or underwater).

• Perfect size to carry in your pocket, purse, wallet, organizer, car glove box or toolbox.

• Pressurized PR4 ink cartridge Medium Point.

• No Smears. No Smudges.

• A wide range of point sizes (0.5mm/0.7mm/1.0mm)

• Left-Hander’s Best Friend.

2. Zebra Pen Sarasa Gel Pen

Zebra Pen Sarasa is a top-selling retractable water based gel ink pen that combines bold color vibrancy with a fast drying fast flowing experience. There is no dull moment thanks to a wide range of deep color vibrancy. The manufacturer uses a Rapid Dry Ink (RDI) technology which promotes confident and most pleasurable writing experience. This technology ensures that the ink dries is less than a second on most surfaces.

This pen is a fairly new offering from Zebra Pen that targets the needs of left-handed individuals. Some of its key features include:

• Rapid Dry Ink (RDI) Technology.

• 14 Vibrant Ink Colors.

• No Smears. No Smudges.

• Ultra Glide Ink Performance.

• 0.5mm/0.7mm/1.0mm Point Size featuring RDI Technology

• Left-Hander’s Best Friend.

Final Thoughts

Once you get past the deceptively mundane visuals of the Zebra Sarasa Dry, you start to realize that this might be the ultimate pen for left handed writers.  As a right handed writer, I was impressed by the smooth, consistent, bold color lines that this pen lays down.  The real selling point is that I tried my hardest to smear this ink and was unable to do so.  If you get the ink wet, it will smear, but thats not the point here.  This may be one of the best pens ever to avoid smudging for left handed writers.

I tried my hardest to smear this ink by running my finger across it as I finished writing the number one in that picture above and it still didn’t smear.  I made several failed attempts at rubbing the ink as it was just freshly out of the tip of the pen, and no luck there either.